Art in Motion

Spike Island Open Studios

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Studio 45 was open over the May bank holiday from Friday 4th to Monday 7th May 2018 showing work by AIM artists Betty Sargent, Chris Rose, Dave Pearse, Jeffs Johns and Jonathan Barr Lindsay with artists Colin Higginson and Helen Grant



The Tea Service

Spike Island Open, Bristol 2017                                                     photo credit: Colin Higginson

Artists from AIM launched their new touring installation The Tea Service at Spike Open, Bristol in April 2017. An interactive work combining art, tea and discussion.

The common activity of drinking tea and conversation is the background to this piece. Inviting guests to join them at the table to view and interact with their artwork while sharing ideas through debate.

You can follow our activity via our Facebook page and twitter.


If We Were There – The Red Lodge, Bristol 2015                (photo credit: Kamina Walton)

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